Welcome to Liberate.FHE!

Liberate.FHE is an open-source Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) library for bridging the gap between theory and practice with a focus on performance and accuracy.

Liberate.FHE is designed to be user-friendly while delivering robust performance, high accuracy, and a comprehensive suite of convenient APIs for developing real-world privacy-preserving applications.

Liberate.FHE is a pure Python and CUDA implementation of FHE. So, Liberate.FHE supports multi-GPU operations natively.

The main idea behind the design decisions is that non-cryptographers can use the library; it should be easily hackable and integrated with more extensive software frameworks.

Additionally, several design decisions were made to maximize the usability of the developed software:

  • Make the number of dependencies minimal.

  • Make the software easily hackable.

  • Set the usage of multiple GPUs as the default.

  • Make the resulting library easily integrated with the pre-existing software, especially Artificial Intelligence (AI) related ones.

Anyone can easily start to use Liberate.FHE by following Quick Start after installing the library via Installation.

Key Features

  • RNS-CKKS scheme is supported.

  • Python is natively supported.

  • Multiple GPU acceleration is supported.

  • Multiparty FHE is supported.

Features in Delivery

  • CKKS bootstrapping

  • Liberate.FHE CPU version

  • IND-CPA-D Security for CKKS

Source Codes


Liberate.FHE is available under the BSD 3-Clause Clear license. If you have any questions, please contact us at contact@desilo.ai.


  • Support forum: TBD

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